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Pedigree Soybean Seeds

Jackson Seed Service has the facilities to properly process GMO and non-GMO soybean seeds

Types of Soybeans

Jackson Seed Service has the facilities to properly process genetically modified organism (GMO) soybean seeds, as well as non-GMO crops. Farmers from throughout Southwestern Ontario rely on our advanced cleaning and packaging methods to ensure the quality and caliber of their product, and trust our processing plant to purchase their harvest at a fair and profitable rate. We encourage any local seed grade soybean producers to contact us for more information on our pedigree seed grade processing services.

Genetically Modified Organism Soybeans

GMO soybeans are genetically modified seeds. These plants have been crossbred for desirable traits and are engineered to help increase profits for farmers, while at the same time helping meet the growing demand for seed grade beans. GMO soybeans are hardier than non-GMO plants and are far more resistant to disease and other environmental factors. Many local farmers prefer to plant GMO soybeans as this type of seed often results in increased yields and improved pest control. Jackson Seed Service has the equipment needed to properly process, treat, and package a wide variety of GMO soybean seeds.

Non-GMO Soybeans

Non-GMO soybean seeds are becoming increasingly more popular as distributors and retailers aim to increase their natural products offerings. Local farmers can take advantage of this growing trend thanks to Jackson Seed Service’s advanced processing facilities. Our processing technicians ensure that non-GMO soybeans are never exposed to chemicals, nor are they treated during storage. This helps ensure the natural integrity of the seed.