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Services and Technology

Advanced technologies to process, condition, package, and distribute the highest quality food and seed grade soybeans

About our Soybean Processing Plants

Jackson Seed Service uses the most advanced technologies to process, condition, package, and distribute the highest quality food and seed grade soybeans. Farmers from throughout Southwestern Ontario rely on Jackson Seed Service for their cutting-edge seed production technology to preserve the integrity of their harvest and ensure the distribution of their crop to trusted soy manufacturers. Jackson’s highly selective process includes advanced agronomic practices and the latest scientific improvements to ensure that all diseased and defective seeds are removed during the cleaning process.
Jackson Seed Service maintains two separate and dedicated soybean processing plants. The first is used exclusively for processing seed grade soybeans. The second plant is used for processing food grade beans. Each plant is housed in a separate building and outputs to separate receiving tanks in order to ensure a sterile environment free of any possible cross-contamination. Each plant has the ability to process a capacity of 8 to 10 metric tons per hour.

Soybean Processing Technology

Jackson Seed Service uses the following pieces of advanced equipment:

  • Gravity Tables: Gravity separators are used to separate seeds based on their weight and density. Soybean seeds are put through gravity tables following the cleaning process. This machine helps dispose of seeds that are less density and of lower quality.
  • Satake Video Sorter: The Satake Color Sorter looks at every individual soybean seed to identify possible defects that might affect seed germination. Seeds that are identified as having defects are automatically removed.
  • Carter Day Air Screen Cleaner: This advanced piece of machinery pre-cleans every soybean seed with a high-power jet of air in order to remove pods, splits, and any foreign materials. The machine then sorts the beans based on size before finishing the cycle with a second burst of air.
  • Automatic Packaging Lines: The automatic packaging lines at Jackson Seed Service provide a consistent finished product appearance.
  • Inventory Management System: This system was developed specifically for use within the soybean seed business to meet the specific needs of our customers.